Saturday, August 9, 2008

Calling All Experts!

Dear Families:

This year's science standards open up a world of adventure & exploration for your first grader. As always, first grade teachers are on the lookout for "experts" on anything.

In this case, we are hoping that if you or your child have a special interest or knowledge relevant to our science curriculum that you will feel free to share with us.

This year's science includes:

The Practice of Science
Earth in Space and Time
Earth Structures
Properties of Matter
Force & Motion
Organization and Development of Living Organisms

Experts (children or parents) are always welcome and do be sure to give advance notice when you want to share!

1 comment:

L and Em Dad said...

I'm not a science expert, but I am good at the visual representation of science stuff. I would be happy to help out here as much as i can.